Building from a fixed-tempo loop

Directions and files are at this link under "week 5 COOL STUFF." Download the .zip file to your desktop.  It is chock full of nice things!

  Using samples to create a beat

1. Once the .zip file is open on your desktop, open the "week 5 sample" GarageBand file on your desktop.  In the .zip file there is also a folder with individual sounds sampled from a vintage drum machine known as the Roland 808.

2.  Modify this sample to taste.  Mess with tempo, beat placement, addition of different 808 sounds, etc. along with the other loops and resources provided in GarageBand.  Do not be afraid to experiment!!  The ultimate criteria should be that YOU like how it sounds!!

TIP: Set your Transport Window (with the blue numbers and icons at the bottom center of the GB interface) to Measures, so that your timeline shows measures, beats, divisions and subdivisions of beats.

3. If you have all your instruments sorted out, start mixing and balancing the volumes of each instrument so that it sounds right to you.  Experiment with panning and with some instrument alternatives.  Save your work often.