Week 2

Copy the song from last week to your desktop. Any files you gave me to save, I can give back to you.  If you have no file, start with a new one!
2. Open the song from the Desktop. 

3. Take last week's song and "remix"it by doing the following:
a) Change tempo
b) Split regions (using the apple-T command) and place them in new ways in the song
c) Transpose (change the key/pitch of) software instrument tracks
d) Use volume maps to create fades
e) Use stereo panning (use the "dials" on each track to determine how far left or right each track will be in the stereo field)
f) Let your imagination run wild!!!  Once you have explored these ways to manipulate your music.  You won't ruin your song -- you can undo anything you haven't yet saved.


If you still wish to consult Week 1 directions, you can find them here: